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The Sofia on target for ISAF Grade 1

Princess Sofia Trophy - The Sofia on target for ISAF Grade 1
PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN-(14-4-2006) For the forthcoming edition, the Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia has the objective of getting ISAF Grade 1 and therefore, the Organisation is preparing an information dossier on the regatta. Around 250 persons make this event possible and successful year after year with competitors from around the World giving full support to the regatta’s application to become a Grade 1 event. The event grading is very important and can place this event as one of the most important regattas in the international calendar. In fact, competitors believe that it is already one of the best.



“Anything I would improve in the regatta? No, nothing”

“It is a fantastic event, we have a great time here”, states Paul Goodison when we ask him about the Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia. He adds “it is very well organised”. “There are seven racing areas on the water, meaning a great organisation effort” and ashore “everything is up to the expectations of an event of this level”, explained the British sailor. “Anything I would improve?” No nothing, everything is fine”, he adds.

Besides, “it is the first regatta of the year and it is a pleasure to come to sail here, the weather is nice, stable winds and water temperature is great”, adds the Laser sailor, the 2005 silver medallist in the Laser class European championship.

Regarding the level of competitors, “I would say it is not as high as at the Worlds but it is still very good”.


GER / 49er

“I love being on the beach”

“In our racing area we have Lucky as Race Officer, we have known him for long and he is very good, we are really satisfied with him”, says 49er sailor Marcus Baur, who is very happy to be based at the beach area of Club Náutico El Arenal. “There are no queues to go out on the water, the only small drawback is that the showers are far away, it would be good to have some showers on the beach”, suggests the German competitor, that was third at the 2004 Worlds.

“The organisation is doing well, maybe results could be posted sooner, but it the timing is normal with some many classes”, he says. He also adds that “another aspect to be improved could be the media coverage”, although this is a global problem of the whole sailing world and unfortunately the Sofia cannot solve it”.



“¡Go ahead for Grade 1!”

“¡Yes, go ahead for ISAF Grade 1”, “go for it!”, expresses Tornado skipper Carolijn Brouwer when we tell her about the intention of the Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia to apply for ISAG Grade 1. In the competitor’s own words, “it is a huge and perfectly well organised regatta, with enough competitors from around the world - it is like any other Grade 1 event”. And she adds “besides, weather conditions are excellent, so go for it!’”.

She explains that the race officers know well the racing area and the conditions and “know when they must send us out on the water or keep us ashore. There has only been one mistake, but this happens because weather is unpredictable”, says the sailor that has participated in the event for 10 years and, therefore, has experienced “the great growth” of the event.

Furthermore, in her opinion, “another big aspect in favour is that the organisers listen to us, we asked for toilets on the beach area and the next day they were already there!”.



“I don’t understand why it is not yet a Grade 1 event”

The Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia “is as good as any other Grade 1 event, in fact I think it is better”, explains Danish competitor Jonas Hoegh-Christensen, who doesn’t understand why the regatta isn’t already a Grade 1 event. “It should have been already Grade 1”, adds the sailor that has participated in eight editions of the regatta.

“It is simply perfect”, he assures, although he believes “more water hoses are needed in El Arenal”, he says with a smile. In his opinion, “the good organisation of the event is the reason why Finn competitors keep coming back year after year, at least those that are still active as many have stopped sailing in the class to get involved in America’s Cup projects”.


ISR / 470 M

“It should be Grade 1”

“An excellent organisation, a good participation level and fantastic weather conditions”, that’s how Israeli sailor Gideon Kliger summarizes the Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia. That is why he believes “it should be an ISAF Grade 1 event”.

He thinks the dates are very good with the regatta perfectly adapted in the ISAF calendar and”, besides, in Kliger’s own words “we enjoy fantastic weather this time of the year”.

“The top sailors of the World are here, this year the Australian teams did not come but they are normally here”, explains the sailor while his crew adds that “it would be nice to have more parties”.

Source: Media Office

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