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2007 South American Championship underway
SOUTH AFRICA-(6-4-2007) Soling South American Championship
South Africa - Three races in the first day of racing from SE with 15-16 knots, the first and second windward / leeward courses of six legs, the third one was a double triangle course.
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Again light winds at the 2006 Soling Worlds
ANNAPOLIS, MD USA-(22-10-2006) Soling World Championship
Annapolis, MD USA - Only two races were sailed this Saturday, in an inconsistent wind who had ups and downs. Marine Pool team GER 300 with Koch, Koch and Bornemann won the first race followed by the Slovenian team SLO 1 with Antoncic, Strakh, Hmeljak and the Canadian CAN 225 with Hall, Karrigan, Deakin.
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Wind strikes at the 2006 Soling Worlds
ANNAPOLIS, MD USA-(21-10-2006) Soling World Championship
Annapolis, MD USA - The Soling fleet were racing course number 1 ( Windward / Leeward of six legs ) when winds up to 49 knots came from the west, the race had to be abandoned after the second downwind leg, with lots of boats in trouble.
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Typical light winds in Annapolis for the 2006 Soling Worlds
ANNAPOLIS, MD USA-(20-10-2006) Soling World Championship
Annapolis, MD USA - A good day for the Canadians, who had CAN 225 Peter Hall, Phillip Karrigan, Jay Deakin wining the first race and CAN 1 Bill Abbott, Paul Davis and Joanne Abbott wining the second race.
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Light winds at the first day of the 2006 Soling Worlds
ANNAPOLIS, MD USA-(18-10-2006) Soling World Championship
Annapolis, MD USA - 37 teams sailed out of the SSA this wednesday for the first two races of the 2006 Soling World Championship being held in Annapolis, the sailing capital of the US. Light winds and summer temperatures with a shine day just allowed one race with a second one that had to be abandoned.
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The 36th Soling World Championship preview
ANNAPOLIS, MD USA-(17-10-2006) Soling World Championship
Annapolis, MD USA - Thirty-nine boats - the largest fleet of Solings to race in North America in the past eight years - will gather on Monday at the Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis for the 36th running of the Soling World Championship. The fleet will include nine Europeans, six South Americans and six Canadians along with American sailors from Chicago, Milwaukee, New York and Connecticut.
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Second day of racing at Medemblik
MEDEMBLIK, THE NETHERLANDS-(9-8-2005) Soling European Championship
Medemblik, The Netherlands - On the second day of the European Championship at Medemblik the Dutch team Den Outer, Determan and Den Arend (NED 33) was victorious.
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Surprising third day of racing at the Soling Europeans
MEDEMBLIK, THE NETHERLANDS-(9-8-2005) Soling European Championship
Medemblik, The Netherlands - With winds of around 14 knots and some sunshine, racing on the IJsselmeer today was good. There where some gusts of around 20 knots which made rounding marks tricky.
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Exciting first race at Soling Europeans off Medemblik
MEDEMBLIK, THE NETHERLANDS-(8-8-2005) Soling European Championship
Medemblik, The Netherlands - De first race is done, Roman Koch, Maxl Koch, Gregor Bornemann (GER 300), currently holder of the world championship title was first, closely followed by Georgy Wossola, Peter Nemeth, Karoly Vezer (HUN 77).
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Big Maremma Boy Koch (GER300) Dominates at the 2005 Worlds
FOLLONICA, ITALY-(26-5-2005) Soling World Championship
Follonica, Italy - The World Soling Championship continues in Castiglione della Pescaia, that one again confirms itself to be an ideal race course.
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Third race completed
FOLLONICA, ITALY-(25-5-2005) Soling World Championship
Follonica, Italy - The World Soling Championship continues in Castiglione della Pescaia, that one again confirms itself to be an ideal race course.
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First races of Soling Worlds underway
CASTIGLIONE DELLA PESCAIA, ITALY-(23-5-2005) Soling World Championship
Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy - The first of seven scheduled races for the Soling World Championship took place this afternoon on the waters of Castiglione della Pescaia.
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Rain the first welcome, but Sea breeze is in the air
FOLLONICA, ITALY-(18-5-2005) Soling World Championship
While first overseas teams are arriving rain is the first welcome at the Soling Worlds. This year with a record fleet since 1998 and one that still has a chance to increase in the last days.

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Racing got underway
LAKE BALATON, HUNGARY-(13-5-2005) Soling Masters Worlds - Mercedes Grand Prix
Lake Balaton, Hungary - Team AGHICO and Video Express HUN1 with Gyenese, Gyula, Vezer where the first to cross the finish line at the first race in the Mercedes Grand Prix held in Lake balaton, Hungary together with the World Master Championship.
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Mercedes-Benz joins the Soling Class as sponsor
BALATONFÜRED, HUNGARY-(15-12-2004) 1st Soling Class Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix
Balatonfüred, Hungary - Mercedes-Benz joins the Soling class to run the 1st Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix and simultaneously the 2005 Masters World Championship to be held at Lake Balaton next May 13th to 17th.
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Brazil takes Title at Soling South Americans
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(15-11-2004) Soling South American Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil - Without the need to race the last race after a second in the first one of the day at the 25th Soling South American championship the VIPAL team with George Nehm and brothers Marcos Pinto Ribeiro, Lucio Pinto Ribiero won the championship and went early to the coast start their victory party. 
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Nice breeze closed the 1st Quilmes Mercosur Cup
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA-(11-10-2004) 1st QUILMES Mercosur Cup
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Busch / Noceti / Futado (ARG 34) won the 1st Quilmes Mercosur Cup by only one point over the 2004 World Champion Warburg / Tufarolo / Smith (ARG 32) in the nicest day of competition at the Rio de la Plata with a wind increasing during the day until reaching 18 knots of wind.
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Dying winds
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA-(10-10-2004) 1st QUILMES Mercosur Cup
Buenos Aires, Argentina - The Quilmes Mercosur Cup yesterday after seeing good weather (windy and sunny) for at least a week had to start with a stationary cold front who dropped the temperature to same level as winter and almost no wind.
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Three countries will battle
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA-(8-10-2004) 1st QUILMES Mercosur Cup
Buenos Aires, Argentina - The beermaker QUILMES will sponsor the first Mercosur Cup from October 9th yo 11th at the Yacht Club Nautico San Isidro, in Buenos Aires Argentina.
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New Soling European and Masters World Champions known
TORBOLE, ITALY-(5-9-2004) Soling European and Masters World Championship
Torbole, Italy - Two last races were raced today and was enough a fifth and a third for HUN 1 (Gyenese / Monus / Vezer) to consolidate the victory in the 2003 European Championship, the second title in a row for the Hungarian team after winning the Dino Shiesaro Trophy earlier this week.
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FRANZ team kept in the game
TONSBERG, NORWAY-(6-8-2004) Soling European Championship
GER 300 Roman Koch, Maxl Koch and Gregor Bornemann, kept hiking the overall results by winning the only race raced today at Tonsberg, a race to avoid the Franz team AUT 73 with Schneeberger, Moser and Panek attacking who finished second in another great regular day that keeps their expectations at the top with only two more races to go, one scheduled for tomorrow and the last one for Sunday.

Courtesy of
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Austria's team sets the lead at Soling Europeans
TONSBERG, NORWAY-(5-8-2004) Soling European Championship
Tonsberg, Norway - The Austrian Franz team AUT 73 with Markus Schneeberger, Volker Moser, Christian Panek despite their 10th in the first race of the day won the second one and lead the overall results 14 points.
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Soling Europeans underway
TONSBERG, NORWAY-(5-8-2004) Soling European Championship
Tonsberg, Norway - 10 different countries started today to fight for the European crown in a choppy day with winds from 8 to 12 knots. Two races were sailed in a typical windward leeward format of approximate 8 to 9 miles.
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Canada won the 2004 Soling Masters
LAKE MICHIGAN-(30-7-2004) Soling World Masters Championship
Lake Michigan - Bill Abbott, his wife Joanne and Paul Davis are the 2004 Worlds Masters Champions, at Lake Michigan.&
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No snow this year at Soling Audi Icebreaker
TORONTO, CANADA-(25-5-2004) Soling Audi Icebreaker
Toronto, Canada - Leading up to race time on day two conditions were less than favourable with light winds, rain, and thick fog (but no snow this year!).
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Excellent fleet of Solings competes on the River Wyre
UK-(18-5-2004) North West Championship - Harken Series
UK - Over the weekend an excellent fleet of Solings competed for the North West Soling Championship on the River Wyre, the championship is part of the HARKEN Soling Series in UK.
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Winkler/Wenzel/Niemann win by ruling 5 out of 6 races
CHIEMSEE, GERMANY-(2-5-2004) Soling German Open Championship by OMEGA
Chiemsee, Germany - Only 6 races raced yet and for the third consecutive year team Heiko Winkler/ Stefan Wenzel/ Jens Niemann - GER 297 are again the top Soling sailors in Germany with an almost perfect record with 5 first places and a second place at the third race over 5 countries and an excellent fleet of 25 crews at lake Chiemsee. 
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Int'l 14, Solings and J 22's celebrate 50th Anniversary of Ice Bowl Regatta
ANNAPOLI, MD. USA-(1-5-2004) Ice Bowl Regatta
Annapoli, MD. USA - On New Year's Day 2004 three International 14's, eight Solings, and nine J-22's sailed up the Severn River around St Helena's Island and return to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first sailing of the Ice Bowl on New Year's Day 1955 - and to initiate a year-long celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Severn Sailing Association in 1954.
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A weather Challenge for Solings on Lake Balaton
BALATONFÜREND, HUNGARY-(27-4-2004) Soling Audi Grand Prix
Balatonfürend, Hungary - Audi Grand Prix held at 23 to 25. April, 2004, Balatonfüred, Lake Bataton, Hungary has been a great challenge also for the crews who have entered from four countries, and for the Race Officers as well. Lake Balaton has showed us the different extremeties it holds in these three days.
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Winter goes away and entry list keeps growing for Soling Europeans
TONSBERG, NORWAY-(26-4-2004) Soling European Championship
Tonsberg, Norway - Winter, snow and ice for the last months, however, spring is in the air, warmer weather is experienced and trees, flowers are coming alive.
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Intense Soling activity in three continents
SOLING HQ-(19-4-2004) Soling Class Events
Soling HQ - While in Europe the Northwest Championship held in Blackpool, UK was being in course the Spring Bowl continued the activity in US, East cost and the Autumm Championship with light breeze and excellent sunny days were held in Buenos Aires.
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Exciting final day
CASTIGLIONE DELLA PESCAIA, ITALY-(11-4-2004) Italian Soling Championship
Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy - With a exciting regatta sailed in a 20 knots seabreeze from 280°, the 2004 Italian Soling Championship (Spring Trophy) ended yesterday.
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Italy's Soling Nationals takes place at 2005 Worlds venue
CASTIGLIONE DELLA PESCAIA, ITALY-(10-4-2004) 2004 Soling Italian Championship
Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy - The 2004 Soling Italian Championship(Spring Trophy) is taking place in Castiglione della Pescaia, Grosseto, in Italy, The future 2005 Soling World Championship venue. Crews from 4 diffrent european countries(GER, AUT, NED, ITA) are racing in medium light winds. Three races were disputed yesterday with winds from SE between 5 and 8 knots.
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Argentina leading the Worlds
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(28-1-2004) Soling World Championship
The Hungarians crew ­ George Wossala, Leslie Kova’csi and Pepe Nèmeth won the 4th race on Soling Worlds today at Veleiros do Sul.

Courtesy of Silvio Avila
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Brazilian Crew wins the third race
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(27-1-2004) Soling World Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil - The day was for Brazilians on the Soling Worlds at Veleiros do Sul. The crew from Rio de Janeiro with Renato Cunha Faria, Ricardo Ermel and Eduardo Cunha Faria won the third race this Tuesday on Guaíba Lake.
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Training Race opens Soling Worlds
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(26-1-2004) Soling World Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil - The Soling Worlds’ training race was realized yesterday at Veleiros do Sul. The winner was a Hungarian crew ­ Gyenese Balazs, Gyula Monus e Karoly Vezer. On the second the Argentineans Gustavo Warburg, Hernan Celedoni and Maximo Smith and on the third, Fernando Cavalli, Carlos Trein e Roger Lamb from Brazil.
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27 teams arriving between tomorrow and Sunday
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(15-1-2004) Soling World Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil - Xandi Paradeda Snipe world champion, Soling South American champion in 2002 and a known name in the 470 class confirmed that he is racing the worlds next week.
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hot, fun & competitive fleet at Soling Worlds
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL-(8-1-2004) Soling World Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil - Hot wave hits South America, sunny days are in the forecast for the whole summer, moderate winds and one of the best race courses in Brazil are ready to welcome one of the highest sailing level ever at the Rio Guaiba in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil.
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Soling class announces 2004 UK Harken Soling Series
UK-(6-1-2004) 2004 UK HARKEN Soling Series
UK - The 2004 season will see fun, action and enjoyment with the proposed Championships. In 2004 you will be competing for new trophies and honours that will be fought and contested to the highest level.
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Promising Soling Worlds to start in two weeks
PORTO ALEGRE-(5-1-2004) Soling World Championship 2004
Porto Alegre - This new year is now officially started, and the 2004 Soling Worlds approaches fast and promises lots of fun starting January 21st.
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Brazil takes Carlos Lagos Trophy
SAN ISIDRO-(22-12-2003) IV South American Match Race
Saturday December 20th, sunny day, a breeze from 7 to 13 knot blowing from the east, 6 Soling boats ready and 12 crew started to move from one boat into the other using two J24 as crew main base just behind and at the middle of the start line, two countries Brazil and Argentina at the IV South American Match Race once more sailed at the Club Nautico San Isidro using their own club solings.

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