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Alicante to start next race
GÖTEBORG, SWEDEN-(22-6-2006) Volvo Ocean Race 2008-2009
Göteborg, Sweden - Things are moving fast with the next edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. Following the announcement in Gothenburg that there would be another race starting in 2008 and sailing a new route from a new start port, today Glenn Bourke, joined by President of the region of Valencia, Francisco Camps confirmed the port of Alicante will host the start of the 2008/2009 race.
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A final act of Piracy
GÖTEBORG, SWEDEN-(17-6-2006) Volvo Ocean Race
Göteborg, Sweden - Paul Cayard was apologetic afterwards for his final act of Piracy, but his crew did what they had to do to win the final leg of the 2005/2006 Volvo Ocean Race, stealing away what would have been a fairytale final victory for ABN AMRO TWO.
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North or South
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND-(20-2-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 4
Wellington, New Zealand - Over the past six hours ABN AMROs ONE and TWO have worked north slightly – well, actually they have not sailed as much to the south as the rest of the fleet – but the upshot of their game plan is that these two leaders are now 50 nautical miles north of Ericsson in third.
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Closest Finish Ever
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND-(17-2-2006) Volvo Ocen Race Leg 3
Wellington, New Zealand - After a full on leg from Melbourne, the Volvo Ocean Race fleet staged the closest ever finish as the boats came into Wellington.
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Ericsson Racing Team arrives in Wellington (NZL)
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND-(16-2-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 3 - Ericsson
Wellington, New Zealand - Today saw the conclusion of leg three of the Volvo Ocean Race, as the six-strong fleet arrived into Wellington, New Zealand, within six hours of each other. Ericsson finished sixth and last.
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Movistar continues to be threatened by the Dutch boat
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND-(15-2-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 3 - Movistar
Wellington, New Zealand - Just 24 hours from crossing the finish line of the third leg, from Melbourne to Wellington; the Spanish “movistar” continues threatened by the Dutch “ABN One”, which follows closely behind just 21nm after 1200 nm already in course.
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Brunel enables Australian team to continue in Volvo Ocean Race
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA-(25-1-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - ING real Estate Brunel
Melbourne, Australia - It has been confirmed that Grant Wharington and his ‘ING Real Estate Brunel’ all Australian entry into the Volvo Ocean Race 2005 – 2006, will continue to compete in the race after finishing the second leg in their homeport. The ability of the Australian team to continue the race has been uncertain because their joint sponsorship agreement with ING Real Estate and Brunel was due to end after his arrival in to Melbourne.
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Brasil 1 - Latest
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA-(25-1-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 2
Melbourne, Australia - Following their dismasting at 0630GMT on 18 January, Brasil 1 created a jury rig and has been motoring and sailing towards Fremantle in Western Australia so that they can take the boat from the water and then truck it 1,600 miles across the Nullabor Plain on the Eyre Highway to Melbourne.
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Movistar bags third
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA-(23-1-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 2
Melbourne, Australia - At the start of the leg movistar held an early lead thanks to a bold easterly strategy that almost, but not quite worked. By staying east movistar was closest to the finish for a long time as the boats headed south and even when they started to turn to the east once they were down in the Southern Ocean.
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Dutch do Double again
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA-(23-1-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 2
Melbourne, Australia - Who would have thought last March that in the ten months between emailing an application form and standing on the dock here in Melbourne today, that the handful of amateur sailors given their chance to sail around the world would celebrate being the fastest monohull crew on the planet?
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Pirates breeze into Melbourne
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA-(23-1-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 2
Melbourne, Australia - It would take a man as ruthless as Captain Barbossa not to feel any sympathy for the Pirates of the Caribbean as they limped into Melbourne this morning, after crossing the finish line at 12:24.40GMT / 23:24.40 local time.
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Homecoming for ING Real Estate Brunel
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA-(23-1-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 2
Melbourne, Australia - The “Australian” boat in the Volvo Ocean Race, Grant Wharington’s ING Real Estate Brunel, is to stay in the race after Dutch sponsor Brunel agreed to continue its sponsorship.
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New Record for Two
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(11-1-2006) Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 2
Capetown, South Africa - At the last position report at 1000GMT ABN AMRO TWO had clocked up a new unofficial world 24 hour run record of 558 miles, an average speed of 23.3 knots – and as the numbers keep coming in, the record could rise still further, or one of the other boats could lock into the right wind and wave pattern to set a new benchmark. ABN AMRO TWO now holds the Volvo Ocean Race Gant Time 24 hour run record.
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ABN AMRO leaves the rest for dust
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(26-12-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Capetown, South Africa - Mike Sanderson’s ABN AMRO ONE left the rest of the Volvo Ocean Race fleet for dust as he consolidated his position at the top of the leaderboard with a sizzling performance around the cans in Cape Town.
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A Christmas present from the “movistar”
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(26-12-2005) Volvo Ocean Race - Movistar
Capetown, South Africa - The “movistar” team informed the Shosholoza that it will contribute to the cause of the Izivunguvungu Foundation, a sailing school for poor South African children promoted by Mediterranean Shipping Company, sponsor of the America’s Cup South African team.
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The Volvo Open 70 “movistar” starts training in Cape Town
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(20-12-2005) Volvo Ocean Race - Movistar
Capetown, South Africa - The Volvo Open 70 “movistar” started training in South African waters today. The Spanish Round the World boat was back in the water on Sunday, after being weighed in by the Volvo Ocean Race.
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Ericsson Racing Team prepares for Cape Town in-port race with one week to go
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(19-12-2005) Volvo Ocean Race - Ericsson
Capetown, South Africa - With just one week to go until the second in-port race of the Volvo Ocean Race and just two weeks to go until the start of Leg Two, the Ericsson Racing Team has an intense week ahead to ensure it is on fighting form to take on the competition.
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Last boat comes in
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(6-12-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Capetown, South Africa - Gun smoke, kissing on the foredeck, champagne spraying in the air, a small libation splashing on the water! Sunergy and Friends cross the line at 1433.55GMT to take fifth place and to conclude Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-06, a leg of ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations.
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Ericsson Racing Team arrives into Cape Town claiming joint second place on the leaderboard
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(3-12-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Capetown, South Africa - At 05.47 GMT today, the Ericsson Racing Team arrived into Cape Town in fourth place on leg one of the Volvo Ocean Race. Skippered by Britain's Neal McDonald, the team has travelled 6,400 nautical miles and spent 21 days at sea since its departure from Vigo, Spain. Ericsson is now lying in second place overall, just one point behind ABN Amro One, clocking up a total of 10.5 points on the leaderboard.
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A famous Victory
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(2-12-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Capetown, South Africa - Standing on the pontoon in Sanxenxo 26 days ago Mike Sanderson wore the look of a man who was fed up. As he explained to reporters why his boat had finished the In Port race in last position there were times, you sensed, he quite happily could’ve jumped back into the water minus his boat.
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Double victory for ABN AMRO
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(2-12-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Capetown, South Africa - Six hours, 32 minutes, 32 seconds behind her team sister, ABN AMRO TWO slowly wafted across the finish line off Cape Town in second place to make the first part of the Volvo Ocean Race an ABN AMRO benefit.
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Ericsson Racing Team holding fort despite further keel problem
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(1-12-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Capetown, South Africa - The Ericsson Racing Team has less than 450 nautical miles to go until its imminent arrival in Cape Town, concluding Leg One of the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-06.
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The “movistar” on her way to Cape Town
MADRID, SPAIN-(30-11-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Eighteen days after the start of the Volvo Ocean Race in Vigo – and 17 since the “movistar” suffered the accident that forced her to abandon the leg when she was leading the race – the Spanish boat is already repaired and ready to resume the race.

Courtesy of Movistar Sydicate
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Home Straight Ahead
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(29-11-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
The leading boats in the fleet have Cape Town in their sights now, with the final 700 miles of the leg ahead of them and a cold beer waiting on the bar. ABN AMRO ONE still holds a lead that hasn’t changed in the past six hours.

Courtesy of Volvo Ocean Race
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Ericsson Racing Team experiences failure on the hydraulic keel movement system
CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA-(29-11-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Capetown, South Africa - Last night, Ericsson was reaching at 20 knots, in 22 knots of wind, when a failure occurred in the keel movement system. The boat had to be stopped to allow the crew to inspect the damage.
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Ericsson Racing Team skipper, Neal McDonald: `Ready to go!`
VIGO, SPAIN-(12-11-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Vigo, Spain - One day before the start of Leg One, Ericsson Racing Team skipper Neal McDonald tells us about the team’s preparation and expectations for the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-06.
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Premier Challenge becomes “Sunergy and Friends” and starts the Volvo Ocean Race 2005 - 2006
SANXENXO, SPAIN-(11-11-2005) Volvo Ocean Race
Sanxenxo, Spain - Grant Wharington and his Premier Challenge syndicate have announced that they have secured the funding to enable them to sail out of Vigo, Spain, bound for Cape Town and begin their race around the world.
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New wind brings fresh hope for the small boats
COWES, UK-(11-8-2005) Rolex Fastnet Race
Cowes, UK - Handicap victory in the Rolex Fastnet Race remains in the balance for ICAP Maximus, as the Maxi crew sit in Plymouth waiting for their smaller rivals to arrive. Co-owner of the 98-foot New Zealand speed machine, Charles St Clair Brown, felt the biggest threat would come from the new TP52 Patches.
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Movistar in search of wind on its way to Plymouth
COWES, UK-(11-8-2005) Rolex Fastnet Race
Cowes, UK - The Volvo Open 70 movistar is covering the last miles in the Rolex Fastnet Race that it has been taking part in since last Sunday in the waters off the United Kingdom and Ireland.
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VO 70 'movistar' heads towards its last stop before arriving home in Vigo
ATLANTIC OCEAN-(31-5-2005) VO 70 Movistar
Atlantic Ocean - Closer to home than ever, the Volvo Ocean Race entrant VO 70 “movistar” is fast making its way towards the Azores Islands, her final stop before reaching Vigo, Spain.
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Movistar leaves Brazil en route to Spain
RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL), -(19-5-2005) VO 70 Movistar
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), - While docked at the Marina da Gloria port in Rio de Janeiro, today the ten members of the “movistar” VO 70 packed aboard the last provisions needed to complete their next transatalntic training leg to Galicia, Spain, in preparation for the Volvo Ocean Race.
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Technology will make it possible to sail onboard VO 70 Movistar
SANXENXO (PONTEVEDRA)-(5-5-2005) VO 70 Movistar
Sanxenxo (Pontevedra) - The 2005-2006 edition of the Volvo Ocean race will have to comply with a new rule that brings major changes with respect to previous editions of this Round the World race. In the words of the VOR organization, the new VO70 rule was developed “with the goal of promoting innovation, creativity and skill, preventing big budgets from obtaining any advantages”.
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VO 70 Movistar arrives to Rio de Janeiro
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRZAIL-(5-5-2005) VO 70 Movistar
Rio de Janeiro, Brzail - The VO 70 “movistar” arrived to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since she left Newcastle, Australia, on March 23rd, the Spanish Volvo Ocean Race boat has sailed a whopping 8.100 nautical miles, has crossed the always menacing Cape Horn, and has broken a world record by sailing 530.19 nautical miles in 24 hours. It was a journey in which the “movistar” yacht has had to battle many adversities, including winds gusting over 40 knots, snow, humongous waves and a collision while sailing at speeds of over 20 knots.
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It’s official: “movistar” is the fastest boat in the world
CAPE HORN. CHILE-(19-4-2005) VO 70 Movistar
Cape Horn. Chile - The World Speed Sailing Record Council –the record-control department of the International Sailing Federation– ratified today Monday, the World record set by the VO 70 “movistar” last April 5, after sailing 530,19 nautical miles (981,92 kilometres) in 24 hours, at an average speed of 22.09 knots (40.91 Km/h).
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“Movistar” rounds Cape Horn
CAPE HORN. CHILE-(15-4-2005) VO 70 Movistar
Cape Horn. Chile - VO 70 “movistar” has rounded Cape Horn. In just two weeks, she has sailed the 4,300 miles separating Wellington from the southernmost tip of the American continent, going from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic; a journey during which the crew of the Spanish Round the World race has faced every possible difficulty: “We have come across every sea and wind combination that one can encounter sailing – says Bouwe Bekking, movistar’s Skipper – from winds over 40 knots with monster waves and snow, to dead calms, sailing at 5 knots with the sea like a mirror”.
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New plans unveiled for the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-06
-(8-2-2003) Volvo Ocean Race 2005-06
- Glenn Bourke, CEO of the Volvo Ocean Race, has laid down the challenge; 'To find the most consummate all-round ocean racing team the world has ever seen'.
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