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The fortunes of war
PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDS-(3-12-2004) Vendée Globe
Prince Edward islands - En route towards the Prince Edward islands which the leaders should reach tomorrow, Vincent Riou (PRB) has snatched back the lead from Jean Le Cam (Bonduelle) in the past four hours, after the latter “slyly” tried to pretend at the morning radio session that he was in downwind conditions like second placed Vincent Riou (PRB) and third placed Roland Jourdain (Sill et Véolia).
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Cape of Good Hope tonight!
CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, SOUTH AFRICA-(30-11-2004) Vendée Globe
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa - Set to pass the Cape of Good Hope tonight after 23 days of racing, with a lead of around 5 days on Yves Parlier’s time, the leading boats are today sailing in an atmosphere of depressions, big seas with chaotic waves, broaches and cold, grey, rain-filled skies and 30 to 40 knots of wind; trying to find a compromise between “going fast and making a straight line to your destination.”
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The greed for speed
CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, SOUTH AFRICA-(29-11-2004) Vendée Globe
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa - Vincent Riou (PRB) is tonight holding onto a lead of 39.4 miles over Jean Le Cam (Bonduelle) with nearly a knot more boat speed than the latter over the past 4 hours (13.4 knots), the duo 170 miles north of the first of the southern ocean gates.
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Two races in one
AFRICAN COAST-(28-11-2004) Vendée Globe
African Coast - Some are still under a blazing sun, others have already put on their waterproofs and boots. The former are still struggling with erratic winds and flat calm seas, while the latter group has the wind howling around the rigging and has the roar of the waves in their ears.
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Adieu to Civilisation
CAPE VERDE ISLANDS-(15-11-2004) Vendée Globe
Cape Verde Islands - There is little doubt as to who hit the strategic jackpot on the passage of the Cape Verde islands, Jean Le Cam (Bonduelle) continues to set the pace, 34.3 miles ahead of second placed Vincent Riou (PRB) after hanging a winning easterly option right around the outside.
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A bad day for Mike Golding
DOLDRUMS-(14-11-2004) Vendée Globe
Doldrums - On a course much further west than that taken by his fellow competitors, Mike Golding (Ecover) is the great loser of the past 24 hours. Mike is now 180 miles behind Jean Le Cam (Bonduelle), who is well in the lead.  He was forced to give up his sixth place to the Australian, Nick Moloney (Skandia), who is following the same course as the leader.
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