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Bruno Jourdren Is FFV Melges 24 Champion Of France On D'Aucy

Melges 24 Championship of France - Bruno Jourdren Is FFV Melges 24 Champion Of France On D'Aucy
HYÈRES, FRANCE-(11-3-2004) The FFV Championship of France in association with November in Hyères was completed Monday 1 November, marked by the return of the Hyérois sun, with a total of 7 races completed of which 6 scores counted. The Championship was completed in a range of conditions, with 2 great races on Sunday in an east wind of force 4-5 and one race on Monday in wind of a weak and very unstable South Westerly. It is Bruno Jourdren - on board D’Aucy – who takes the title of Champion of France 2004, with a tiny advance of two points on the English Quentin Strauss on board Gill, which precedes by a breath Denis Infante on Eurovoiles.

Sunday - to tell the truth - had started rather badly... The competitors left the port but had to return under a heavy squall, somewhat uncertain whether they would be able to sail again in the course of the day... The weather did not count on the obstinacy of the Race Committee of Michel Vialet, who as of 1300 judged the conditions sailable and returned the competitors to the bay, for two splendid races, in an East wind of force 4-5. After some general recalls due to over enthusiastic competitors, the starts proceeded under the black flag rule. Italian Massimo Bernasconi took the first race, on board Banca BSI, in front of the Hyérois Pierre-Yves Lambert, on board Doctor I Gaulo and Gerard Navarin and the Destremeau brothers on Enzo. The race was marked by a memorable weather mark rounding, where the entire fleet arrived almost simultaneously, resulting in some damage to the boats... The second race was always very tight and saw Bruno Jourdren taking the lead as a results of a judicious tactical choice, then consolidating his advantage to take final victory from Italian Andrea Racchelli of Altea and Monaco Furio on Runa. Monday, the competitors benefited finally from the legendary sun of the South... but were to loose the wind! The Race Committee was quickly to cancel the first planned race, a courageous and intelligent choice. Eventually, in a weak wind from the South West, the single race of the day got underway. It saw - logically - the success of excellent crews in the light airs, that is to say Andrea Racchelli/Altea, Alain Roig/Flor Direct and Riccardo Moneschi on board B-Plan.

In the overall standings, it is Bruno Jourdren who wins, adding to his recent victory at the 2004 French Melges 24 Nationals this title of Champion of France 2004 in the Melges 24. In second place and leading overseas entry was the English crew of Quentin Strauss aboard Gill. Denis Infante/EuroVoiles is equal with Gill on points, but Gill carries it thanks to a race win.

This Championship of France confirmed the truly European character of the November a Hyères regatta and the French Melges 24 Class look forward to welcoming even more international visitors in 2005 when, after a win by the Bretons this year, the Southerners will be hoping for revenge!

Top 10 Results
Rgs Ident Concurrents Pts Ret Pts tot c.1 c.2 c.3 c.4 c.5 c.6 c.7 Club / Pays

 FRA 472


20.00 28.00 3 1 1 6 8 1 8



 GBR 431


22.00 29.00 6 4 3 1 7 4 4



 FRA 461


22.00 56.00 2 2 5 2 5 6 OCS



 ITA 579


26.00 40.00 7 3 6 4 1 14 5



 ITA 438


28.00 38.00 10 8 4 9 4 2 1



 FRA 389

 PAUL Maxime

42.00 58.00 1 6 16 7 6 9 13



 FRA 46


48.00 71.00 4 17 9 5 3 23 10



 FRA 329

 ROIG Alain

53.00 83.00 30 11 11 10 11 8 2



 FRA 422


53.00 73.00 20 10 8 8 10 10 7



 FRA 252

 LAMBERT Pierre yves

61.20 95.20 24 5 2 18 2 RDG DNF


Source: Fiona Brown

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