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Kenbeek/Brouwer overall winners Zwitserleven Round Texel 2006

Round Texel - Kenbeek/Brouwer overall winners Zwitserleven Round Texel 2006
TEXEL, THE NETHERLANDS-(17-6-2006) Remco Kenbeek and Paul Brouwer, sailing a F18 Capricorn, are the overall winners of the 29th Zwitserleven Round Texel. In a crowded party tent, they received their prizes from Chris Zegers on Saturday evening, June 17, 2006. It turned out, they were only forty seconds ahead of Hans Primowees, who rounded the isle single-handed with his 26-year-old Prindle. The F18 world champions, Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby (AUS) finished in third position with their Hobie Tiger.

“We’ve been sailing together for five years now, and he is the best crew I ever had”, said Kenbeek about his mate Paul Brouwer, while standing on stage. During the last few years, the Dutchmen have been on the podium of the Zwitserleven Round Texel more often, but never on the highest step. Darren Bundock had obtained that position two years ago, but today they had a bad take off. Bundock: “We had to make our way through the fleet. When the wind died on the Wad after the VC-mark, we managed to pass many boats underneath and we were nearly in first position overall. We were ahead of Remco for a little while. He got the breeze earlier than we did, and after that he was gone.”

In the lap to Oudeschild, not a leaf was stirring. There seemed to be a breeze on the sea, so a lot of teams tacked to go there. After that, the wind picked up from the shore and the cats over there managed to overtake the rest of the fleet. In this way, Team Zwitserleven Booth/Dercksen, but also Carolijn Brouwer and Sebbe Godefroid forfeited their chances on line honours.

‘Old rubbish’
When nobody expected it, Hans Primowees from Beverwijk almost gained the overall win. His wife could hear through the speakers that after 5:23:20 hours, he was only a few seconds away from victory. She shouted from the beach that he had to go for it. When he crossed the line, for an instant it seemed as though Primowees was the winner, but after the calculations, it turned out he lacked forty seconds. Primowees: “I was just lucky. It was a strange day and the wind behaved strangely. On the Wad I overtook at least two or three hundred cats, all heading for the sea.” During the first lap, the sailor fell overboard: “I had sunscreen on my hands, and I slipped away.” His second position is not only unexpected, but also noteworthy. He actually sailed a 26-year-old Prindle 15 and a main sail age twelve. He paid two thousands guilders for it once. Primowees: “And there is a dent in my mast, it no longer turns as it should.” Liesbeth Primowees could not keep dry eyes at the price giving: “It’s so beautiful. He’s not sponsored. Sails with his own old rubbish. Just marvellous.” Darren Bundock could laugh about the fact that he was beaten by a Prindle-15 sailor: “That’s cool. I used to sail a Prindle once.”

Top five overall Zwitserleven Round Texel 2006:
1. Kenbeek/Brouwer (NED), F18, 4:13:58 hours corrected time
2. Primowees (NED), Prindle 15, 4:14:36 hours corrected time tijd
3. Bundock/Ashby (AUS), F18, 4:15:39 hours corrected time
4. Huntelman/Van der Kamp, F18, 4:18:46 hours corrected time
5. Heemskerk/De Boer, F18, 4:19:06 hours corrected time

Apart from Zwitserleven, the event is also sponsored by TNG Swiss Watches, Repeat Sales Promotions, W&H/Liebherr, Yamaha Nederland, Nissan, Teso, VVV Texel, TROS, RoT Events, the Mondriaan Onderwijsgroep, de Meeuw, Zeilen and the Province Noord-Holland.

Source: Diana Bogaards

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