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The most equaled Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia – Mapfre in history

Princess Sofia Trophy - The most equaled Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia – Mapfre in history
OALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN-(6-4-2007) The excellent weather conditions of the Bay of Palma were finally present on the last day of competition and offered spectacular racing in the medal race of the 38 Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia – Mapfre. Only the top ten sailors of each Olympic class sailed in the Medal Race, which scores double points and cannot be discarded. Therefore, due to the great level of the competitors and the equal points in the standings, there was tension in the air. But the S wind, 12 to 14 knots offered great sailing for competitors, spectators and international media representatives.

Veteran sailor Barbara Kendall from New Zealand, sailing in Neil Pryde RS:W was the absolute winner  of this 38 Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia – Mapfre. Kendall, who has three Olympic medals and three world titles in the previous Olympic class Mistral, also was the class overall winner.

In Neil Pryde RS:X W, based at Escuela Nacional de Vela Calanova, Marina Alabau, the class number one finished second today climbing to the third place on the podium. Barbara Kendall from New Zealand maintained here leadership and is the overall winner followed by French sailor Charline Picon, who was second overall.

A cracking final in 49er in which current European champions Stevie Morrison/Ben Rodees (GBR) almost lost the leadership finishing sixth in the medal race while their rivals from Denmark Peter & Soren Hansen won the race. Despite their effort, the Hansen brothers finished second overall and the victory was for the British team .Third place was for Ukrainian team Luka Rodino/Georgii Leonchuk.

The tight fight due to the close points of the top ten competitors of the 470 M with venue in Club Nàutic S’Arenal, was solved in favour of Portuguese team Álvaro Marinho/Miguel Nunes. The Portuguese sailors won the medal race and are also the class overall winners. Second place was for Italian team Zandona/Trani and third overall were French sailors Pierre Leboucher /Vincent Garos. The Portuguese team had a very regular performance with a well-deserved victory.  

Tom Ashley from New Zealand was the winner in Neil Pryde RS:X M finishing in front of Polish sailors  Przemyslaw Miarczynski and Piotr Myszka in the medal race. Ashley finished second in the medal race and took the leadership from Polish Miarczynski who finished seventh in the race and is second overall. Third placed is for Polish sailor Piotr Myszka who let Nick Dempsey (GBR) –last year’s absolute winner- out of the podium.

The winners in Yngling class, with venue in Real Club Náutico de Palma were US sailors Sally Barkow/Carrie Howe/Debbie Capozzi who had a fierce battle in the medal race with close rivals Sarah Ayton/Pippa Wilson/Sarah Webb from Great Britain. The British team was second overall and third place was for German sailors Ulrike Schuemann/Julia Bleck/Ute Hoepfner, the class world leaders.

No big changes in Tornado after the medal race. Leaders Darren Bundock/ Glenn Ashby, who arrived to the medal race with great advantage over their rivals did not relax and also crossed the finishing line first confirming their overall win. The Australian sailors had a great performance throughout the event and win the regatta for second consecutive year. Greek sailors Iordanis Pashalidis/Konstantinos Trigonis were second and third place was for Russian competitors Andrey Kirilyuk/Valery Ushkov.

The Tornado class also celebrates its European Championship, organised by Club Nàutic S’Arenal at this Sofia: the Greek sailors are the European champions and silver medallists are the Russian competitors. Third place is for French team Xavier Revil/Christophe Espagnon.

Twice Olympic champion from Brazil Robert Scheidt, who sails with  Bruno Prada, finished ninth in the medal race but was still the overall winner in the Star class. The victory in the medal race was for German team Marc Pickel/ Ingo Borkowski who were second overall. Third place was for competitors from New Zealand Hamish Pepper/Brao Nichol, number one in the ISAF world ranking lists.

Dutch team De Koning/Lobke won the medal race and are the 470 W overall winners. Second overall is team from the Czech Republic Lenka Smidova/Veronika Fenclova and third is US team Erin Maxwell/Isabelle Kinsolving.

In Laser Radial, based at Club Marítimo San Antonio de la Playa, the overall winner is Belgian sailor Evi Van Acker, who finished sixth in the medal race. Second overall was for Mexican sailor Tania Elias Calles Wolf, who won the medal race. Third place overall was for Jo Aleh from New Zealand.

The overall winner in the Finn class was Croatian Marin Misura who won the medal race and Danish competitor Jonas Høgh-Christensen, who finished fourth, is second overall. Third place of the podium is for Dutch competitor Pieter Jan-Postma.

The win in  Laser Standard was for Argentinean competitor Julio Alzogaray while second place was for competitor from New Zealand Andrew Murdoch. Third overall was Australian sailor Michael Blackburn

Ukrainian team Markus Wieser/Sergei Pugachev/Thomas Auracher were the winners in Dragon class. Second classified were German sailors Thomas Mueller/Vincent Hoesch/Max Scheibm. The Dragon Gold Cup will be held next week at Real Club Náutico de Palma.

The 38 Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofía – Mapfre is sponsored for second consecutive year by Mapfre and is organised by Federación Balear de Vela, Real Federación Española de Vela, Real Club Náutico de Palma, Club Nàutic S'Arenal, l Club Marítimo San Antonio de la Playa and Escuela Nacional de Vela Calanova. The collaborators are Govern de les Illes Balears, Palma City Council, Llucmajor City Council, s’Institut de Serveis Socials i Esportius de Mallorca, Trasmediterránea Acciona and Ultramar.



470 F
1º Netherlands, Marcelien De Koning/Lobke Berkhout (12,5,1,1,1,1,17,1) 23 points
2º Czech Rep., Lenka Smidova/Veronika Fenclova (9,1,11,6,4,11,1,3) 38 points
3 USA, Erin Maxwell/Isabelle Kinsolving (2,9,10,4,3,12,13,2) 44 points

470 M
1º Portugal, Álvaro Marinho/Miguel Nunes (1,1,7,17,1,17,4,1) 33 points
2º Italy, Gabrio Zandonà/Andrea Trani (3,15,19,4,5,3,2,6) 44 points
3º France, Pierre Leboucher/ Vincent Garos (16,2,OCS,1,2,5,3,8) 45 points

1º Great Britain, Stevie Morrisson/Ben Rhodes (1,8,1,8,4,6,19,2,6,6) 48 Points
2º Denmark, Peter Hansen/Soren Hansen (1,1,OCS,1,1,4,17,19,3,1) 49 points
3º Ukraine, Luka Rodion /Georgii Leonchuk (7,2,4,11,11,9,10,3,1,2) 51 points

1º Croatia, Marin Misura (4,1,1,1,14,3,19,9,1) 35 points
2º Denmark, Jonas Høgh-Christensen (21,3,5,3,9,6,4,2,4) 40 points
3º Netherlands, Pieter-Jan Postma (5,7,4,5,7,1,8,21,3) 43 points

Laser Radial
1º Belgium, Evi Van Acker  (5,1,BFD,2,2,4,6) 26 points
2º Mexico, Tania Elias Calles Wolf (3,1,8,4,18,10,1) 28 points
3º New Zealand, Jo Aleh (6,11,2,1,20,9,3) 35 points

Laser Standard
1º Argentina, Julio Alsogaray (2,2,1,5,5,4,BFD,7) 33 points points
2º New Zealand, Andrew Murdoch (4,37,3,12,1,3,7,6) 42 points
3º Australia,  Michael Blackburn (12,17,6,33,14,1,2,1) 54 points

Neil Pryde RS:X F
1º New Zealand, Barbara Kendall (3,3,1,1,8,6,5) 24 points
2º France, Charline Picon (2,2,4,4,2,11,6) 26 points
3º Spain, Marina Alabau (1,3,18,10,4,7,2) 29 points

Neil Pryde RS:X M
1º New Zealand, Tom Ashley (4,36,5,1,4,3,2) 21 points
2º Poland, Przemyslaw Miarczynski (2,4,17,4,1,1,7) 26 points
3º Poland, Piotr Myszka (6,5,8,3,3,32,3) 31 points

1º Brazil, Robert Scheidt/Bruno Prada (2,2,16,15,1,1,1,1,1,9) 42 points
2º Germany, Marc Pickel/Ingo Borkowski (16,3,RDG,1,3,5,4,5,11,1) 50 points
3º New Zealand, Hamish Pepper/Brao Nichol (1,5,2,7,10,17,6,9,10,3) 56 points

1º Australia, Darren Bundock/Glenn Ashby (11,2,1,1,7,12,15,14,1,1) 51 points
2º Greece, Iordanis Pashalidis /Konstantinos Trigonis (7,13,6,14,6,3,20,2,13,3) 70 points
3º Russia, Andrey Kirilyuk /Valery Ushkov (3,1,17,7,12,17,14,12,9,2) 79 points

Tornado European Championship
1º Greece, Iordanis Pashalidis /Konstantinos Trigonis (7,11,4,12,6,3,16,2,11,2) 60 points
2º Russia, Kirilyuk Andrey/Ushkov Valery (3,1,14,5,10,15,11,11,8,1) 65 points
3º France, Xavier Revil / Christophe Espagnon (11,10,17,6,9,10,3,3,14,4) 74 points

1º USA, Sally Barkow/Carrie Howe/Debbie Capozzi (14,1,4,10,3,3,10,11,9,1,6) 64 points
2º Great Britain, Sarah Ayton/Pippa Wilson/Sarah Webb (7,10,OCS,9,14,5,2,3,2,9,7) 75 points
3º Germany, Ulrike Schuemann/Julia Bleck/Ute Hoepfner (5,5,9,1,11,16,3,10,28,17,5) 87 points

1º Ukraine, Markus Wieser/Sergei Pugachev/Thomas Aura (6,OCS,1,2,6,1,2,9) 27 points
2º Germany, Thomas Mueller/Vincent Hoesch/Max Scheibm (1,5,19,6,4,7,17,4) 44 points
3º Russia, Georgy Skayduko/Sergey Kuznetsov/Marat Nev (17,10,16,7,5,6,1,1) 46 points



Source: Event Media - neus Jordi

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