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About Sailing1st.NET

We Bring Success by Solutions !'s Featured Partner Network is a network initiated by where partners offer their separate or joint services and share knowledge about  “mission critical tasks” that occur organizing and  processing events, including marketing and promotion activities. 

Preferred partners have all been active at major continental and worlds events and so they have proven their professionalism. Mostly they are used to working together with existing partners, adding their specific value to the success of a mission, which could also be your event!

Outsourcing to professionals
More every day, organizers and initiators of major events are aware of the need to outsource certain activities to professional organizations. Event, race and data processing, promotion, fundraising and sponsor contracting, press and media services, etc. are such "critical mission tasks" that become more important every day. 

Organizing an event is more then not just having a race taken place anymore. Participants, spectators and sponsors want more. There is a need for technology that processes data faster, easier and more reliable. Sponsors have the need of return on investment, they're need is exposure, and so is the need of individual sailing teams . An event web site needs to show more then a notice of race and results. Major events need a technology platform to run the data infrastructure. We can make it all happen.

We think in community marketing, visual experience, promotion, exposure and technology.

Partner relationships
Every partner works at own conditions, which has the advantage that there is no overhead cost and you may engage every specific partner for specific tasks of your event. Even better, partners know how to find each other in case they need feedback Moreover, we know how to find each other to make sure engagement with a partner may provide more value then. We bring Success by Solutions!

Global service
Sailing1st.NET works World Wide. In addition to the current preferred Network partners, we have a large number of professional contacts around the globe.
Sailing1st.NET is initiator of the Network.


Sailing1st.NET Preferred Partners

Sailing Management Int'l
Donker Community Marketing
Annemiek van Kinderen Photography
ZW Scoring System

Sailing1st.NET offers Travel Related Services through

Pegasus GDS through
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