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Complete Web sites
If you need a complete full featured web site or just a simple home page, can forfill  all needs. Keeping your web site up to date needs no specific web-tech knowledge as your web site is controllable through a control panel
   Simple home pages till full featured web sites


   Standard templates till full exclusive designs.
  Integrated flexible "building block" features
Standard html pages to full database driven content
Allocation of participating classes per event.
  Content management through web site control panel
  Development of streaming media - Web TV
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A web site is a tool that must support and assist you to develop and maintain your event or mission. 
Standard web sites often do not meet the needs... nor the fantasy of people that put their time into the organization and development of an event. We like to share the fantasy and turn them into a useful, fact based and effective solution. 
In the process of consultancy we have the opportunity to use the expertise of partners of the Network
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After we have made a definition of your mission, we build your web site according to a functional design that must result in an effective multi communication tool that contributes to success.
Depending on your requirements, we provide an exclusive look & feel to your web site.
If you have specific requirements, our technical department will offer you an advanced or simple programming solution.
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We are proud to name ourselves a Regatta Sailing Community specialist on the internet. The community portal as a knowledge base allows us to trace, measure and analyze attitude and behavior of visitors. At we use this knowledge to develop effective and attractive web sites and web applications. In addition, we develop new concepts by using latest technology to use the internet as an ever more attractive way to distribute news, information, media activity and images of an event and the sailing sport in general. 
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Organizers, race officers and all others involved,  need to communicate and maintain processes for which different instruments and applications are being used. People must feel confident and pleased by the way they are being supported by a computer network and applications. On the other side, spectators and media demand information faster and compatible with instruments they use. This demands a sailing sport specific solution as results processing needs expertise and concerns a high number of data which have to be sent from the water to the nerve center on land. can help you to choose applications and create an infrastructure that fits the needs of your mission. We can help with simple single event solutions, however we want to specialize in high performance technology platforms for major events and event series. 
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Pricing policy
As we provide more (semi) "off the shelf" applications and solutions, there is no need to pay for building a complete system or developing infrastructures. This might cut cost significantly.

We will be happy to send you a proposal that fits your needs.

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